Tiktaalik is done.


The film is being sent to festivals around the U.S. with a couple select international competitions we're looking forward to! Look out for a trailer coming soon :)

Click here to view the Kickstarter campaign successfully raised $10,000 for the making of TIKTAALIK.


Check out some stills from the film below!

A discussion on Evolution and politics

When a creationist Congressman out of Florida comes across the long-extinct missing-link in evolution, a waddling flat-headed fish with fins like limbs, he’s got reconcile with his responsibility, power, and beliefs before he’s ready to let it out of a cage in his garage.

Tiktaalik is the Senior Thesis film of Dylan McGale.

poster design: Justin Steele

poster design: Justin Steele

Tyler Keillor

Tyler Keillor is a paleo-artist who created the first-ever physical models of Tiktaalik out of his shop at U Chicago. He worked with the research team, lead by Neil Shubin, who made the original discovery of the fossil that solidified Darwin's hypothesis about the transitional species. Tyler agreed to create one of these models for our film, however, he used a different process than those he's created for museums– he cast this one with Silicone. This allowed for the model to flop, wiggle, and move according to our marionette-like fishing wire.

photo courtesy of Tyler Keillor

photo courtesy of Tyler Keillor

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