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How She Fought

How She Fought follows Teresa who needs to prove to her father that she got put on academic probation for doing what's right. Her private university is profiteering off of the prison industrial complex and she puts it upon her self to stop it.

Completed May 2017, the film is currently serving it's festival run.

Junior Thesis directed by Dylan McGale

Co-Written by Dylan McGale
Cinematography by Eric Vera


Budget: $4,500


Mile Down Lake Street

When Rane is framed by his drug dealer, he discovers how little his version of the story is trusted. It doesn't matter how he's dressed, how he speaks, or where he's from.

Completed May 2016
The Sundance Institute's competition for filmmakers 24 & under, Sundance Ignite, selected Mile Down Lake Street as one of the 25 finalists among 3,000 entries.

Sophomore Intermediate Production directed by Dylan McGale


Budget: $600